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Let's celebrate the best clothing item ever invented: mini skirt. We also love shorts and short dresses, of course. This is the place to enjoy pictures of beautiful women showing their magnificent legs, in all shapes, sizes, colors and natural beauty.

Big Thanks And A Little Update

Hi guys

First off, I want to thank all of you for following! We reached over 300 followers (currently we’re at 307) and we appreciate and cherish each and every one of you guys!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about a few updates I recently did on the site. Most recently, as you may have noticed, I added a rating feature, so please rate pictures. Not only it’s fun and a nice addition to the page, but it will help me to know what ladies are more popular than others, so that I can focus on bringing you right girls and their magnificent legs.

Also, since a week ago or so, we have Twitter and Facebook pages, so make sure you follow and like! That’s the best way to know instantly when this page is updated!

Thank again for following and watch out for more beautiful women wearing mini skirts and shorts!

Truly yours,
BWWMS team.

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